February 06, 2013


Do you know, February is my least favourite month. Not because I'm scarred by valentines days gone by as an awkward teenager, where the postie only ever delivered cards sent by my mother (no, I'm over that - it's fine honestly).
No, the reason I hate February is because how miserable it makes everything look. I mean it really feels like the bleak mid-winter here at the moment and it's GRIM.
The sky is constantly white. The trees look like they should only ever be present in Tim Burton's brain and all I want to do is sit and juggle salt & vinegar crisps into my mouth at record breaking speed. I know it's not acceptable and I know Pringles have no place in any month other than Decemeber, so i've been making these kale chips instead.
Oh my, they are good! They are so good that one batch is never enough. When I'm scoffing these down, I feel lucky that kale is one of my favourite things ever and I'm happy that I can eat these to my hearts content because they are actually GOOD for me! Whoo hooo, how often does that happen?

Try making them for you're kiddos packed lunch - i bet they'll love them...

This is simple stuff - off we go!

You will need:
1 bunch cavolo nero
olive oil
sea salt

And you will need to do this...
1. Heat your oven to 180c / GM4
2. Wash & THOROUGHLY dry your kale.
3. Remove the inner stem from the kale & tear into medium sized pieces. Place on a baking sheet.
4. Drizzle with a few glugs of olive oil and sprinkle with a fair pinch of sea salt. Toss gently to cover evenly.
5. Bake in the oven for approx 15 minutes, or until crispy.
6. Eat! Best warm, but also great cooled.

Cheers to good health!


  1. Girl! I get this. I am a certified potato chip monster. If they are in front of me, I will demolish them. Kale chips are one of my favorite things ever for this reason. I can still be a chip monster but a HEALTHY one! Hooray!

    1. I know, i felt like I struck gold when I first made them, especially as they're SO expensive to buy! YAY for Kale (again - obsessed!)


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