March 11, 2013

11.03.13 | SUNNY WEEK // PART ONE

We have just spent the past week in Cornwall and to say it was blissful to not be rushing about like a nutter for a whole week is obviously a massive understatement. As always, we tend to visit Cornwall out of season and this time we were so lucky with the weather - it was amazing & pretty much sunny every single day bar one. It's almost impossible to believe that the kids were on the beach in T-shirts just 3 days ago yet I look out of my window now and it's SNOWING! What the hell is that?! I thought Spring had sprung?! Will this winter ever end? Was last week our 'summer'? Are we in next winter already?! Waaaaaaah.

Anyway enough (again) of my moaning about the good old English winter (should i just change this to a weather blog and be done with it?) - here's what our awesome SUNNY Cornish week looked like...

We started off at a family wedding in North Devon where we all dressed awkwardly posh, smiled for some pics, drank some wine and clapped and laughed at some speeches. You don't need a breakdown of a wedding? Oh. 

Well, like all good weddings, it was a lovely day and the food was out of this world!

Even India did well sitting (kind of) listening to the speeches. She even laughed & clapped in all the right places which was super cute! (If i was doing that 52 project thingamabob then this would be India's for this week - awww)

Whilst we were in Hirstacombe, I begrudgingly went to see Verity. I'm still not convinced it's a good thing (I can hear my sister rolling her eyes at me from here). Anyway, I'm kind of glad i don't have to look at her every day.

I'd much rather glance in the other direction at this...

We then headed up to the cottage we regularly rent in Cornwall. We've been going since Flo was a toddler and this was our second time taking Indi. All three of them LOVE it, but then it is worthy of an amazeballs award.

This is part of our view. No biggie? Total biggie. I normally look out of my window and see my neighbours opposite.

Have you been to Crackington Haven? The beach is so good for kiddos.

We took a trip to Newquay Zoo. (The penguins are always my best bit) and then up to Polzeath on the way back to Crackington. Dexy & Flo did some rock climbing & it took everything in my being not to scream "be careful, get down" every 2 minutes. 
So I just did it every 5 instead. What? Falling down on rocks can hurt!!

It's fair to say that the colour of the rocks at Polzeath are amazing! Look purple & green rocks!

I'll be back later (more likely tomorrow) with part two! Can you wait? Can you?!? I understand this is the blog equivalent of sitting through someones family snaps, so feel free to come back in a couple of days when I'll be back to rattling on about how cold I am, or how hungry I am or how much I love tacos...


  1. Ahh looks like you are having a lovely time. We love Cornwall, but have only been once back in the days of only having one kidlet. We drove down to St Ives and it took for-evaaahhhhh. Worth it, though.

    Also, my little girl has the same H&M boots as yours. HOW CUTE ARE THEY?!

    1. Those boots are fab! People stop us everywhere commenting on them! I'm not sure they go well with that dress - bit of a pattern overload!! I think i had a bit of a post wedding hangover when I got her dressed that morning!!

      We had a lovely time - getting back into the swing of things is hard - esp with this weather! Did you get that massive dump of snow i'm hearing about on t'wireless?

  2. It snowed pretty much all day yesterday, and I am not talking about great big fluffy snow, it was a ghastly, windy, Siberian blizzard! Bitterly cold. The school run was not fun at all. It's been ok today though.