March 12, 2013

12.03.13 | SUNNY WEEK // PART TWO

As well as our annual trip to the very steep but beautiful Port Isaac we also visited Padstow again. 

 I love Padstow, and have so many happy memories here ranging from my first ever visit to girls weekends away and later coming with my kiddos. If there is one thing you have to do when you go to Padstow, it's to eat a gigantic sausage roll from the Chough Bakery. Dexter was only too happy to oblige...

Padstow Harbour is so pretty. I'm sure if I wasn't English, i'd call it quaint.

I liked the shot of colours these gave to the day.

It's only right you sample some Cornish scallops when you visit Cornwall. We got them from Rick Steins take away and yep, they were pretty damn good.  

On the day that it did drizzle a bit, we stayed local and headed into Bude to a little place the mister had found on line - 

 It was amazing. All of it. If you ever go to Bude - check it out, it's called elements.

We drove home along the coastal route, which i guess is Cornish for 'death ride' because you feel like you are driving on a tight rope. I was terrified the whole time, but this view helped take my mind off of the fact that I was seconds from falling off the side of a cliff - seriously don't do this drive if you are of a nervous disposition! Gulp.

On our final day we drove all the way south down to Falmouth to visit some friends and we ended up in Helford village for the afternoon. I think this was possibly the kiddos favourite day as they ran about in T-shirts (!) collecting mussel shells. They would have stayed doing this for another couple of hours if they could have...

Dexy helped look after the littlies (i love his reflection in this pic) whilst the dads kicked back with a pint of tribute & this mama took about 200 photos!

Then back to Crackington it was for some more wood carving and an another awesome sunset.

Ah well it was fun whilst it lasted, now lets crack on with school runs in -5 temperatures and mountains of washing, eh?

You can read part one here. 

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