April 26, 2013

26.04.13 | FRIDAY I'M IN LOVE

1. I really want to find some time to make these!
2. Yes, yes and yes some more...
3. This video from one of my all time food heroes Tracy had me beaming.
4. Being a massive Jeffers fan, I can't believe this book escaped my clutches!
5. I was so chuffed to be mentioned in Alexis food post :) (and yup Taco's are awesome)
6. If there is a lady who knows how to make me starving hungry, it's ALWAYS Drea!
7. I am loving all the Helen Dardik stuff in Paperchase at the moment!
8. I've fancied this Anorak tablecoth for so long, but what about tomato sauce stains? Hmmm.
9. Love family homes? Watch your day vanish whilst you get sucked into The Socialite Family. Ooops, sorry.
10. Now that's a plan, Stan.

Happy weekend y'all. I'm having a bit of a blog wobble at the moment :( but i'm hoping to post some grub over the next couple of days xxx

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