July 12, 2013


1. HOPING // Hoping to one day organise my sodding kitchen. There is no space, my oven is a pile of junk (I swear that's why I can't bake a cake to save my life - pah) so one day I want it to look like this one.

2. DREAMING // Dreaming of shucking oysters at Tomales Bay. That would be ideal.

3. READING // Reading (or waiting to read at least) issues of Lucky Peach magazine.

4. EATING // Eating many many many fried pickles. Tonight, this WILL happen in my kitchen. I am a pickle nut, always have been (so many friends gifted me piccalilli on my wedding day). My mouth is literally watering as i type. Too much information? Probably.

5. WISHING // Wishing I could throw a cocktail party as pretty as this one. Anthro, you kill me.

Happy Weekend y'all - it's going to be oh scorchio!

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