July 31, 2013


I featured a taco recipe on one my FFFF posts a couple of weeks back and I've been thinking about that damn taco pretty much constantly ever since. So whilst I was home alone pottering about my kitchen a couple of nights ago I finally got around to creating something similar and wow - just wow!

This taco was a dream to make, a joy to look at and of course amazing to eat - result! The colours of this dish are SO awesome ( just look at that pink!) and the flavours and textures are absolutely perfect together and well, the fact that it was a taco was simply an added bonus ;)

Vegan it up if you wish by leaving out the yogurt and replacing it with a smooth salsa, either way you're onto a winner.

So once again, if you love tacos you've come to the right place and if you don't? Man you must be sick of me by now.

So I'm either really sorry or you're welcome!

C'mon, lets make this thing!

For 2 people you will need:

- 1 cup tinned chickpeas, drained & rinsed
- 1 heaped cup of radishes, washed, leaves removed then quartered
- 1 tsp olive oil
- 1/2 tsp ground cumin
- 1/2 tsp paprika
- 1/2 tsp onion salt
- 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper
 - pinch of chilli flakes
- 4 flour or corn tortillas
- coriander, avocado & limes to serve
- hot sauce (optional)

Coriander & lime yogurt
- 1 cup of 0% greek yogurt
- juice of 1/2 lime
- 1 tbsp finely chopped coriander leaves

And you will need to do this:

1. Pre-heat your oven to 220c/425f/gm7 and gather your ingredients.

2. In a small bowl mix the cumin, paprika, onion salt, cayenne pepper & chilli flakes. 
3. In a large bowl toss the chickpeas in the olive oil and add the spice mix. Stir well before emptying onto one side of a roasting tin.
4. In the same (now empty) bowl add your radishes. Stir them around in the left over spiced oil before emptying them onto the remaining half of the roasting tin.
5. Once your oven is at the right temp, roast for 15 minutes, stiring once half way through.

6. Next up, make your coriander & lime yogurt by simply combining the three ingredients together. Season with a pinch of salt & set aside, ready to serve along side your tacos.

7. Once done, load up your tortilla with the roasted mix, yogurt, avocados & coriander. Squeeze over some fresh lime juice & a splash of hot sauce & enjoy!


  1. ROAST RADISH in a TACO?! Woah. I honestly thought I might have to resort to hiding my radish surplus in my neighbours' bins during the night, we have SO many in the veg patch. But THIS sounds far better (and less stalke-r-ish

    1. It's deeelish & won't serve you with a restraining order! Huzzah!