August 02, 2013


1. PINNING // Pinning lots of lovely outfits. I'm kinda sick of my black dress & black cardi combo that i wear all the friggin' time. If you'd like to follow a massive list of things i'll never make, wear or do then you can do so here.

2. SCOFFING // Scoffing this pizza. Although in actual fact my twitchy gallbladder has reared her ugly head again and i'm having to be super strict so I am only eating pizza in my D.R.E.A.M.S

3. LOVING // I found Wit & Vinegar this week. Two of my favourite things rolled into some sort of foodie design love fest! I could be there some time. And i love his font choices (geek) and i really wish he'd have gone with p*** & vinegar...

4. BACK TRACKING // Back tracking through the archives of another new-to-me blog, Wild & Grizzly. It's cute and I love it so.

5. BUYING // Buying (thinking of buying) this print x 3 in different colours to hang side by side at the top of our stairs. I'm guessing i'll get around to doing that by the end of 2014 #realtalk

Happy Weekend Ladies & Gents x

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