October 16, 2013


(these things caught my eye this week)

This xmas tree. 
I know my husband going to be 100% fine with me tacking driftwood and fairy lights into his newly plastered & painted walls.

This bunch of letters in a garage.

 This ice cream cone which was in the right place at exactly the right time. 
Photoshop what?

 These dominoes that I will be printing out.

This Tanzanian Proverb. Although, I'll be honest it was the yellow I was drawn to.

Permission to dress like this. ALL. THE. TIME. 
I don't think I'll pull it off correctly and worried I'll just come off as a junkie.

 I can't move without someone telling me about this book.

 If my children couldn't read, I'd wear this. Especially when I go to Cath Kidstons.

This cute little door in Paris.

 This print. I'd like it for the girls bedroom.

Ideally, my bedroom would look like this. Unfortunately, it does not.

I finally found someone who bites just like I do.

 This picture of Mark Ruffalo doing something weird to his sleeve.

It's OK. He can do wistful too. Phew!